Meet Afrodeity

Transformational Expert, Spiritual Life Coach, Traditional Healer, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Motivational Speaker

Afrodeity Stone is a Life Transformation Expert who has helped thousands of people both nationally and internationally.   As a professional and public figure, Afrodeity is known for being strait forward and uncut in her approach to helping people get to the deeply rooted issues that prevent them from connecting with their personal power.

Afrodeity is a Priestess, Mystic, Energy Healer, and a Teacher/Mentor to many.  As a Motivational Speaker,  she engages her audience with passion and fire and connects with them on a soul level while leading them to their "Ah Ha" moment.   And just when they thought they had heard it all, she applies the "shock treatment" and grounds them to the earth, bringing everything full circle.

When she is not helping people all over the world, Afrodeity expresses her creative sense as a visual artist through several creative talents.  Among these are art, crafting metaphysical products and eclectic modeling.  She is also a musician and songwriter.

Afrodeity Stone will continue to walk the path towards Universal Oneness, will you make that journey?

"Trust your intuition and success will follow"

Mother of Dragons

ART BY J.D Wright


Afrodeity At Work


Many Faces, One Heart

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