Meet Afrodeity

Transformation Expert, Spiritual Life Coach, Traditional Healer, Singer/Songwriter, Author, Motivational Speaker

Dr. Afrodeity Stone is a transformational expert who specializes in assisting clients with making major energetic shifts in their lives.  Sister Stone, as she is affectionately called by a  worldwide customer and viewer base has successfully predicted important events for nearly 2 decades.  She has helped high profile clients nationally and internationally to detect harmful people, places or events that could come to fruition.

Afrodeity assists clients not by using parlor tricks, selling snake oil or memorizing definitions of cards, rather she employs a technique that uses masterful skill at connecting with each clients own personal spirit guides to decode messages and ultimately help the client facilitate change.  Working with the individual mind, body and soul is crucial in overall spiritual well being.  It is for this reason that Dr. Stone may utilize a combination of skills including divination, hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression or she may work as a spiritual medium to convey messages from the unseen realm. 

Dr. Stone first became popular in the social media arena almost 7 years ago by doing celebrity readings online and predicting events with great accuracy.  After having a few celebrity clients reach out for readings, Sister Stone decided to no longer do celebrity readings for entertainment and to actually ASSIST celebrities by being a reliable spiritual advisor.

"My life had changed forever when one of the celebrities that I did a reading on actually reached out to me.  They told me that everything I said was on point and that they got chills, but they only wished that I wouldn't go in the direction of being a gimmick."  "That they could see themselves contacting me again, and they did!"

Dr. Stone says from that point on she developed professional relationships with more high profile clients and has surpassed many in her field in accuracy, professionalism, reliability and above all privacy.

High profile customers never have to worry about personal business being shared, not ever. Not with relatives or friends, and least of all the media.  During Dr. Stones time as your Spiritual Advisor she stays under a strict NDA.

For the client who may not be high profile but are at the place in your life where you want only the best for your self, and if you are reading this, then you are already aware that your Higher Self is what guided you to these pages.  Take the next step and trust that you will not be disappointed. 

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