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The ayeke village

Building Project


The Ayeke Village Building Project is an initiative designed to explore the benefits of community based building of a year round holistic healing retreat and education facility.  We wish to address the needs of those individuals whose energies have been zapped by the situations of every day life.  We know that you live, play and work hard and we want to be not only a place of refuge, but a place where you may come to heal holistically...mind, body and spirit. 

We have adopted a similar (but not exactly) concept to what is offered at the late Dr. Sebi's USHA Village.  We want to offer year around short term visits for anyone in need of rest and rejuvenation, or mentoring and education.  During one's time at The Ayeke Village, they would participate in numerous activities including but not limited to, spiritual readings, energy cleansing, chakra alignment, sound therapy in our sound temple, detoxification in our salt cave, healthy food preparation demos and much more.

Come and learn about organic farming and pick your food daily.  Enjoy food fresh from earth to table and commit to learning ways to improve your overall lifestyle.

On occasion we will invite speakers and other healers and also offer initiations into select sacred traditional spiritual systems.

This Sacred Place will serve as a Healing Compound where the Mind, Body and Spirit have a chance to realign.


We have secured 2 acres of land that is fully paid off. At this time, due to Covid-19, building and construction have been postponed. The work is just getting started and the reality is that, to take raw uncleared land and create a sustainable food forest and healing retreat will take time, money and volunteers.


This is not a rush project that will be completed in a few months.  With that being said, Sister Stone remains committed to providing all of the spiritual and metaphysical services that we all want and need.  We invite you to visit the A Healing Stone Wellness Temple in Tucson, AZ for your energy clearing and activation. 

We also encourage you to continue to support the building project.


Again, we at A Healing Stone would like to thank you for all your love and support!

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