Journey To Ningba

The never ending, ever winding road to self.

Dear Travelers,

Its hard these days to keep up with what all of your favorite personalities are doing on the social platforms. I'm pretty sure that they are just as perplexed about how to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the competition. The closer we get to truth and the deeper the rabbit hole goes, could we ever have imagined where we'd wind up?

My journey is one that has come with as many failures as there have been victories, but alas, now, after having tasted the flavors of culture, freedom and independence might I find my solace.

What a freedom. I never again have to ask what is freedom because I have seen it with my own eyes and experienced it with my full self. The type of freedom that comes with an explicit innerstanding of the greatest and worse parts of me, and embracing me in all my totality--and in all of my I AM-ness.

I wouldn't have purchased this freedom online, in a store or off the side of the road...nor would I have searched for a quick way out of, or around this journey to self. For every step in terror and in grace have proven worthy to add into the collective pages of my book of life. And for that I AM grateful.

My discussion with my Inner-G...

I have sought to empower them and inspire them, and to reveal to them all that has been destined for them to know, yet they yield not from their transgressions nor do they seek to refrain from their diabolical perceptions.

They masquerade in whatever mask seems to be with those who adorn the masks of false intelligence disguised as knowledge, oh!, may they not be lead astray. They have become consumed with fear mirrored as likeness because while they tell a tale of uniqueness, they remember not the bits of the fractal universe that forever seek to know itself once more. No one is who they think they are because they are only images of who they see.

I have traveled with them into many cultures via waters, deserts, air and fire and have bared my soul witness to them so that they would see the Greatness that is them, which is expressed through me.

My soul desires reprieve from the burden of waking blind eyes and seeks only to bear witness before those who have tasted the fruits of their own labors. The true seed planters and destiny farmers from times past and from future worlds have now come into one unified mind to redirect the narrative of what they all hold so dear. Let my place be amongst those of them the excel to the highest point of the Holy Mountain.

May my steps be guided towards the path of those who have not, yet they know. May the gifts that I have been granted and those that I have yet to receive be used only in service of those that have not, yet know. For those that have, know not, yet they boast of what they know...and have.

Out of the fire pits and into the Holy Mountain I have climbed. As I stand at the peak, I look down at myself and say, "Well done". That which I give of myself is of my own appointment and the benefit will be more than the same. I am far beyond the reach of this world and true wisdom has shown me that the farther the distance traveled, the greater the lesson learned.

They see me for what I am to them, but not as I AM in truth and for them, it is honorable. Today, I share with them a glimpse into a portal from which they can create the unimaginable, still they cement that they will only view the world through a scope of reality that oppresses the mind. May it be those of them who be far spread from me.

I will return in time as I AM lead to walk this road again. Until said time...

Ningba Amagi

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