Afrodeity Stone oracle decks and our tarot deck are one of a kind guidance decks created by the spiritual teacher that you all know and love.  These decks are accurate and designed to be simple and easy to work with.  There is no booklet needed, as these decks have messages printed on the cards that work with your own intuition to give you the answers you need.


We do not have a major printing facilty and have to outsource printing.  Your price reflects what it costs to print each deck, your shipping, and a small profit to the creator of the decks.


You have seen Afrodeity use these decks time and time again with accuracy and wisdom.

Afrodeity Stone Decks

  • All decks ship from China and may take up to 14 business days to arrive to your address.  Once order is placed with the manufacturer, A Healing Stone has no control over processing times.