A Healing Stone presents "Punnani Purge" Vaginal Steaming Seats.  Each seat is a one of a kind custom design, meaning NO two chairs are created equal.  Trust the confidence in knowing that your yoni steam seat is as unique and beautiful as you are!


The seats are sturdy and crafted from the finest wood, then wrapped in fabric and accented with incredible design.  The Punnani Purge can hold just over three hundred pounds of weight and can be adjusted to suit a larger body frame if needed.


While the designs are totally in house, you do have a choice between two available colors for your seat, the color of your accent pieces and the position of your door.


Steaming pot is NOT included.


This seat comes with instructions, one complimentary bag of yoni steam herbs, charging crystal and best of all, each seat is also charged with Oshun (Love, Fertility and Divine Feminine) energy.




*ALL seats are made to order so please allow up to 14 BUSINESS Days for the seat to be completed.  This time does not include shipping time.  Your seat will ship via UPS.

Custom Yoni Steam Seat

Choose Your 1st Color
Choose Your 2nd Color
Choose Your Accents
Door Position
  • There are absolutely no returns or refunds, please consider your order carefully before placing it.

  • To care for your seat, gently wipe with a damp cloth after each use and allow to dry.

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