This is a Pre-Recorded video that will be emailed to you upon completion.  In this video your name will be called out and the energy portal between us will be opened.  You will first receive an opening oracle reading and scan.  Then the sacred healing energy will be sent to the areas that you have specified.  If there are things that come up during the session, I will reveal it to you during the closing reading. 


Note: Although you may have several areas of concern, you will likely gain the most benefit from focusing one or two areas at a time.  Since you will have your video recording, you can play it several times over for the areas of concerned addressed.


Note: Your email will contain a LINK for you to download your video.  Please be sure that you are able to download on your device.


*It is suggested that you book a new session for cases where there are several physical or emotional issues to be worked on.


**Up to 48 hours delivery time

Distance Reiki & Oracle Reading


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