This Orisha (Yemaya) Roombox is handmade here at A Healing Stone and is made of 3/8" Cabinet Grade Birch Wood with a front glass that slides up and down for easy access and keeps your box nice and clean from dust and perfect for displaying your room or other spiritual tems. 


These roomboxes also serve as mini-alters.  When you want to honor your favorite Spirit but don't have a lot of space, our mini-room boxes come in handy.  These boxes are small but pack a LOT of power.  Each box is carefully concecrated with appeasement and prayer.


WHAT GIVES IT LIFE? Spread across the floor of the box are REAL crushed sea shells. The top of the box is sprinkled with dead sea salt and there is baby's breath inside.  There are also 2 clear quartz crystals on the top of the box to enhance the energy of your room.


Please note these boxes are made of quality birch wood and real glass.  The box is heavy and the glass needs to be protected. Shipping is included in your price.


Interior Dimensions:  11" D x 17" W x 10" T

Goddess Yemeya Spirit Box


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