This is the newly redesigned Protected. Medicine Doll,   Each one is hand crafted by Afrodeity Stone herself and displays unique appeal.  This means that no doll is ever the same.  Each doll represents a different aspect of protection.  This personal/pocket size doll can measure up to 6-6 1/2 inches long and will fit in your car under the seat, in your purse or bag, under your bed, behind a door or any other place you'd like.


The white represents healing, peace and protection. 

The black represents the  power to transmutate energy through protection.

The red will protect by returning energy. 


*We have to legally state that that these dolls are fetish and sold as a curio only. 


These dolls are a beautiful addition to any doll collection, spirit alter or you can post one up in your home.  These dolls are created ritualistically and contain a secret blend of protection herbs and stones inside each doll. 


The rest, is up to you!

These also make great gifts!


***Be advised that each doll is made to order.  It may take up to two weeks for your doll to arrive as they are created in alignment with planetary influences and must be charged.   


Protected. Mini Medicine Dolls