rebirth of the sol

2020 Spring Equinox

 quantum healing event

with Afrodeity Stone

tucson, arizona

march 20 & march 21, 2020

11am to 5pm each day

Topics to be discussed over the two days include:

Introduction to Hands on Healing

Aura Identification

Clearing & Balancing the Chakra System

The Higher Chakras (8-12)

Vibration and Energy Flow

Crystals and Pure Tones



Healing In The Higher Realms

The Science Behind Energy Work

Presenting Messages

Spirituality & Daily Living

A Discussion About CBD Hemp




  • Deepen your understanding of the human energy field

  • Learn to perceive, open and charge your 7 major chakras

  • Learn to use color and sound for healing

  • Receive and give healing energy to other participants

  • Strengthen your higher senses

  • Trust your intuition and guidance

  • Understand and practice the basics of energy healing techniques

  • Leave more grounded, clear, and balanced


You must provide your own transportation and lodging.  This is such a phenomenal opportunity that it is priced reasonably enough that you can book your flight and hotel far enough in advance to save.  If you are traveling from out-of-town there are many wonderful Air B&B's in the area as well as affordable hotels.  It may be convenient to stay close to Tucson International Airport.

Food & Drink

CBD (Hemp) Infused snacks, water and tea will be provided, as well as non infused snacks.  Participants are asked to bring a packed lunch for both days. There are many local restaurants and eateries for those coming from out of town.


Come and witness in REAL TIME as energy is being transferred from healer to client!  With our state-of-the-art Biofeedback Technology, we can show a 3D scan of the human energy field and where there may be deficiencies in the field.  See in real time how the human aura responds after healing energy has been sent as we demonstrate on one or two lucky participants. 


Everyone will have the opportunity during break or after the event to have their own aura photo taken and printed report emailed to them at an additional cost of $50.

We will also display the power of GROUP healing, where we will demonstrate the power of numbers by having several healers form a circle around one client and send energy.  To see the shift in energy after via aura scan is AMAZING!!

So if you are already a reiki practitioner, this event is for you as well.  Come join in the healing fun.

You will learn how to NOT become depleted when doing energy healing and bust the myth about healers taking on the conditions of clients.

3D Aura Imaging Real Time

Graph Chart Break Down of Personal Energy Field


group sound bath meditation

group past life regression session

light refreshments

products for sale

Rebirth of the Sol
Mar 20, 11:00 AM MST
Location is TBD
2020 Quantum Healing Workshop

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