Greetings and welcome to the Cosmic Sol Sacred Boutique.  Here you will find the many readings that are offered as well as all of the decks created by Afrodeity Stone.  Afrodeity started making her own decks about three years ago, shortly after noticing a shortage of decks that contained images of culturally diverse people or characters.  Sister Stone spear headed the trend where many up and coming card readers also begin creating their own decks.  Sister Stone applauds anyone bold enough to create a new divination tool, but also realizes the importance of creating each deck with intention, charging them with spiritual energy and consecrating them.  Each one of the decks in this collection are unique in that they are "alive" with spiritual intent.

For more personalized one on one assistance, starting 1/1/2022 you can call the toll free spiritual help line and speak with Dr. Stone directly.

Enjoy the vibe.