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Sistah Fiyah

Sistah Fiyah.  The singer. songwriter, and producer always knew she was meant to be a singer. “When I was young, I was always writing songs and poetry. Somewhere along the way, it just became obvious to me that I would keep doing it my whole life.”

Despite her rapidly increasing international fan base, she still thinks of herself as a working musician. “I have to write constantly,” she says. “Otherwise, I worry I’m being lazy and that makes me anxious.” “I eat, sleep and dream music.”

Sistah Fiyah is an artist true to form. The depths of her reasoning is evident in the timelessness of the songs that she creates. Sistah Fiyah will write a song for you or your artist that is sure to inspire, motivate and move the masses. Enjoy the tracks in the online playlist to get a feel for Sistah Fiyah and her style.

If you are looking for a song for sync placement, look no further! Sistah Fiyah writes on demand with a fast turnaround time for television, commercial and film. Sistah Fiyah is available for features and collaborations, contact us today!

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