live your jreams inc.

A Non Profit Organization

Live your Jreams, (yes, that's spelled with a J), is a non profit organization that was created to meet the needs of financially challenged parents of newborn babies who were sent to the NICU upon delivery.  The birth of a baby is one of the most delightful things that one might experience in this lifetime.  Though for some, the big day may not come with as many pleasantries as other families may enjoy.

Live Your Jreams Inc meets the needs of the community by providing basic infant care needs through our Baby In A Bag Ministry.  We provide diaper bags that come fully loaded with diapers, wipes, bibs, pajamas, socks, hats, baby bottles, t-shirts, baby body wash and more.

We have served the greater Tucson, AZ community since 2005 as well as through partnerships with other local and national organizations to assist struggling communities across the U.S. and abroad.

Live Your Jreams Inc also assists through annual shoe, coat and school supply drives for school aged children, and for the mothers, we provide clothes, personal hygiene items and access to various resources such as child care classes, personal coaching and crisis counseling.

Another component of our program addresses the needs of elderly and those who are terminally ill through our ECCC (End of Cycle Companionship and Care) Program.  Many souls leave the earth without seeing a kind face or feeling a warm touch as they pass on.  We want to offer end of life care for those who have no family members or friends to look after them in their final days and hours.  We provide practical services like hair brushing, reading to patients, taking them for walks or maybe just watching TV with them.

If they are of a particular spiritual or religious faith, we have ordained ministers who will gladly offer them spiritual comfort or even perform last rites.

Live Your Jreams was born out of one woman's vision and compassion and has now become a force to be reckoned with in the area of charitable organizations worldwide.

How You Can Help

Live Your Jreams is always accepting monetary and In-Kind donations to be able to continue the work that we do.  Some of the items that we need are:

Gently Used Baby Clothes (smoke/pet free please)

Diapers cloth or disposable





Breast Pumps

Diaper Bags

Baby mittens and socks

Pajamas (Button Front)

All Baby Items


Coloring Books

Baby's Grasp
Dream Catcher Background Motivational Qu

Live Your Jreams Inc. also has a prison ministry and life coaching program where we help to redirect the thoughts and actions of those that the system has forgotten. We have our Adopt An Inmate Program, where we pick random nationwide prisons each month and send a box of men and women practical needs like underwear and toiletries as well as any spiritual material they may desire in the form of books and literature.  We could use help with any of the above mentioned items.

We need a property for our transitional housing program.

Live Your Jreams Inc. is all about empowering women to live more happy, healthy and spiritually fulfilled lives.  Through our series of spiritual healing services we are able to provide women with a new alternative to old actions and a refreshed look on life.  Our goal is to have a home (The Ayeke Village) which is all about educating the community about sustainable living, family values and transitioning from a lack mindset to being able to manifest the life they deserve to live. 


We provide a variety of services specifically geared towards women like pregnancy doula services, fitness coaching, art therapy, GED preparation assistance as well as nature meditations and more. 


If you are a property owner with several properties or an owner of a property that you no longer desire to keep, please consider donating your house or land with mobile home to our non-profit so that we may be able to see our transitional housing program for young and prison mothers come to full fruition.

Mother Working from Home

the priestesses of the koawash

The KOAWASH (Keepers of Ancestral Wisdom and Spiritual Healers is an international group of ordained women who have taken an oath to be of service to community through the giving of service, time and energy.  We are located in several states and countries and stand united as one force that is working diligently to meet the needs of those who suffer.  Our Priestesses are responsible for overseeing charitable events in their area under the supervision of the organizations director.


Orphan & disaster relief

At Live Your Jreams Inc., if you haven't guessed by now, we are all about the babies and children, and we love to encourage and inspire the mothers and families as well.  Not every child has a family, or even a bed to sleep in.  After such disasters like the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricanes and even Covid-19, many lives will be forever changed.  We want to make things a bit more bearable.  After disaster hits, we want to be among the first responders that can show up when and where the people need us.  One of the ways we help children who have been victims of natural disaster is to make dolls by hand and use them as gifts that will bring a smile to a little girl or boys face.  If you sew, or make dolls, we NEED you.  We intend to send our handmade dolls to national and international orphanages as well as to disaster victims.  These are handmade gifts from the heart so while we appreciate your gifts of store dolls, these are acts of love.  We need doll needles, fabric, and other supplies to make dolls.  We appreciate you very much for considering us!

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